When Consent is not Consent

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So…long story short this above link leads to a blog post of utter and total horseshit.  The blog author is one of those phony “men’s rights” activist. Haha don’t make me laugh, can someone please tell me what rights currently are being withheld from men, the benefactors of the patriarchy. Overall, it’s the typical rant about blaming women for being raped instead of trying to destroy rape culture. However, I don’t want to focus too much on the rape culture. Rather this post will focus on this little excerpt from this slime ball’s blog:

“The story usually goes something like this: a young woman gets wasted at a party and then sleeps with someone and regrets it the next morning when she’s sober. She feels she has been violated because she does not remember giving consent and feels like she was taken advantage of. This is considered to be rape by today’s standards.”

I’m not sure if the author of this misogynist piece of writing will read this response, but I’m going to serve him up a cold dish of the truth. Truth is women are free to rescind or give their consent at any time, before or after. If a woman feels violated then she’s been violated, full stop, end of story. Now, I can hear this women hating blogger scream out in protest “But that’s not fair, it’s a double standard”. NO! It’s the simple truth women on men rape does not exist. And unfortunately our society supports a skewed power dynamic that favors men.  The only protection women have against this unbalanced scale is her consent. And it is her right to give and rescind it at she pleases. So men, in other words if a woman does not feel like she has given consent she hasn’t and therefore its rape. End of Discussion.


903 comments on “When Consent is not Consent

  1. protect men's rights December 9, 2013 11:00 am

    I believe this is a joint venture between the feminazis’ response of the blog u are attempting to denounce.Here are just some of my responses copied n pasted over from there,cos i HATE to repeat myself.Enjoy:
    giovan,u bastard asshole of a misandrist,are u a man or woman.if ur a man,i’d like to see u being bedded by a drunk woman n then get accused of rape,see how u’d like that.if ur a woman,i’d like to see ur son being forced upon by a slut n then accused,that’d show u how it feels to be accused of sth ur not.Victim blaming,means blaming the victim,which means the one designated as the victim MUST really be a victim in the 1st place.The scenarios he elicited shows that even when the woman is the perp,she still gets labelled as the victim,either because she suddenly didnt like the outcome,or if it was a deliberate attept to manipulate the laws against the man in order to hack a large wad of cash,or some revenge motive to smear his name.and u bloody call that a victim,u IDIOT FUD OF A MOTHERFUCKING SHITASSHEAD?Yeah,u heard me,U FUCKING CUNTBITCH who love name-calling n hurling abuse at others.if u represent feminism,then its no wonder why its being DESPISED BY ALL right now.u are a sick bitch,sicker than most rapists by far,n u ought to go share a cell with them,because while theyre monsters,SO ARE U.
    if it were fair the law shd be that if a man gets unwanted sex from a woman he can scream rape too n have the woman charged n rotan.
    kaninabuchaocheebye,giovan-fuggot(duno the meaning go look up the dic or online,asshole shithead)
    • Feminists mentality ISNT prevention better than cure,it’s get banged n then start pointing fingers and playing debt collector;they dont care who they blame,including the innocents,so as long as they DO blame someone,make someone fall from grace,lose everything he has,n be a huge step beneath them.Their motto isnt ‘prosper thy neighbour’,its ‘ruin n defile thy neighbour’.in this sense,they,and the fould maggot giovan who opposed u,are really no better than the WORST of rapists;they should really be locked in the same cell block,n exchange defiling tactics upon one another.
    • feminists have NEVER applied the same standards on themselves as they impose on men.its a wonder how they still manage to be in power.how is it that our govt is ruled by people with the same mentality as this fuggot over here(i define fuggot as IDIOTS who’d defend a woman blindly against his own kind).mayb fems have really perfected the message equivalent of nicotine,the drug that causes addiction in smoking.they make these poor fools get addicted to their idealogies by making it sound noble at first,and then when the truth is out theyre addicted n its too late for them to withdrawn support.these fuggots need to be put into intensive rehabilitation.
    • really giovan,i checked ur fb page.Pathetic.u claim to be male,but u are definitely NOT a man.either u are a woman masquerading as a man to make us look bad,as if men can be so easily tricked by fems to turn on one another,or ur one spineless shit of an asshole who had his balls n testicles chopped off by a fem,n hence willingly submit to her ways,as a toatlly mindless slave.I truly pity n DESPISE u.Blogger of men against misandry,I SUPPORT U TOTALLY.Dont listen to faggot maggots like giovan here,he/she/it’s a douche king douchery of all douches,n u should just report,censor n block it from ur site.u dont deserve to let this fuggot ruin the mood n foul the air here.Maggots need to be put down before they infect the system.Go to hell,giovan,u fatherly love-deprived sociopathic asshole.Stop being a shame to all men or we’d have to put u down for good.
    here it shows how a woman decides to victim blame potential men for wearing shorts to work,saying theyre ‘asking to be beaten up’.giovan,why dont u go condemn n teach this ‘lady’ a lesson in victim blaming,that is,unless u admit right here n now u are nothing but a sexist,a misandrist,n u are here only to cause trouble n stir grief,NOT to write anything productive,u bloody fuggot?
    • vicki-whoever,u equated women getting raped while drunk to mentally retarded patients who lack capacity to think for themselves.Are u equating women to retarded people?If so,yeah,they cant choose,but also,they cant be truisted with anything anymore,LET alone positions of power.that what u wish for?It’s YOU who are putting down women as reatrds,NOT nick here.Why,by what u have said,we should be locking up ALL women,incuding u,in mental institutes!(which really is a paradox considering that if so,we cannot trust what YOU say since u are mad/a retard too)
    • So,according to u vicki,if men get forced sex upon when they get drunk,can they also pretend to be retarded n then sue the woman for abuse of their informed cognitive of the sex that was performed?It pains me to see how now rape can be labelled for sex which doesnt involve violence.when fems denounce rape,they bring in the violence thingy.when labelling,they dont care whether it involves violence,they just slap it on,n hope the public ‘believes’ the incident to be a full blown rape when it is anything but that.
    • so,to fems now a full blown rape bears no differnce to one in which only sex is involved?is it cos u are so confident the full blown rapists are so few in existence,u can push the meaning of rape further n hence its punishments?or to u,being given sex u consented to earlier but regret is no different from being beaten half to death n then penetrated with all sorts of sharp objects?why,u fems defile the victimisation of the real rape victims!u victimise them even more,NOT help them!Just because u want to be nitpickers of sex n want compensation as well when u choose wrong!That’s twisted!no different from how u throw the job of defending the country to the men,ie drafting,while u happily shake legs to enjoy ur youth n studies n still have time to complain what song the army uses in their route marches.

  2. protect men's rights December 9, 2013 11:06 am

    I read thois fucking blog,n i see this IS the REAL bloody sexist mentality–that men cant be raped n can only rape,n that only women consent matters.So,u bloody fucker is advocating that men be sex slaves to women,that we must submit n give sex when they desire it,and shrink back if she says NO.Or be at the mercy of their whim;if they find the sex unsatisfactory they get to sue n ruin us?And i thought slavery was abolished ages ago.You want a return of ages darker than any we’ve EVER been in?If u are a man,then YOU start being slave to the women,the rest of us men with backbone arent interested.YOU are OFFICIALLY NO LONGER a man.if ur a woman,go fuck off,u can daydream ur misandrist thoughts to the grave,n then in Hell u can face judgment for ur heinously sinful thoughts,words n actions.I wish u be raped by a dozen rapists til u no longer can speak or utter a single fucking word fr ur foul trashy mouth.n i pity the rapists who raped u,cos they’d be defiling themselves by even being in contact with u.Maybe we should let monkeys rape u instead,then u can try to sue the monkeys for rape;how does that sound?

  3. protect men's rights December 9, 2013 11:08 am

    a sexist unparelleled by any is calling others sexist,why,is this the name of the game now–call others what u most are guilty of?

  4. protect men's rights December 9, 2013 11:17 am

    Besides,unconsemted sex ISNT rape.Rape involved using force n assaulting,sometimes fatally,upon the one who is forced upon.since when has rape denegraded to just mean unsatisfactory sex,worse still,only on the women’s part?like that,i DONT see whats so bad about “rape” anymore.when u denounce rape u bring in the violence aspect.but when u accuse someone,u conveniently remove it altogether.U think we were born yesterday,u IDIOTFUCKHEAD?

  5. protect men's rights December 9, 2013 11:34 am

    UNBEFUCKINGLIEVABLE,with IDIOTS like these,which man will dare to fall in love n get married,when he can be accused of rape at any moment?is more gays the outcome u want?mayb u a gay urself?or mayb u really want the end of mankind,since when marriage cease so does procreation.if thats the case,just have the bloody fucking galls to SAY IT.,dont peep about the bush with men-women conflicts.then i’d call a swat team n hit u hard for social terrorism,cos thats exactly what u are.potentially WORSE than the Al queda or the Nazis,facists…feminists are really good mindwashers,what did they do,castrate u as a child n put u through horrific social engineeering experiments?they really want the end of humanity dont they?Just say it lah!bloody coward douches…

  6. protect men's rights December 9, 2013 12:06 pm

    If men who are by right perfectly ok are being accused of misogyny,what do u think they’d do?Of course they might as well be one!afterall,being good to u creeps n u still find fault n accuse n condemn them,so why try even harder to please u fuckheads?they might as well live up to whatever u call them,at least then they wouldnt be living so wronged.so,if u want more misogynist around,BE MY GUEST AND CONTINUE UR FUCKING ACCUSATIONS.nothing u do will benefit women in the long run,and u’d ultimately be responsible for the end of humanity.Then on judgemnt day u can expalin to the Lord how u fucked up the world,but there’d be NO forgiveness.God only forgives those who didnt mean to err n are repentant,He doesnt forgive those who do wrong treating it as a right n still insist on such wayward deranged ways.I hope it can go on ur conscience to put this world in peril with today’s terrorism that is feminism(developed to the perverse extremes).

  7. protect men's rights December 9, 2013 12:20 pm

    No rights withheld from men?Haha,what a FUCKING joke!Then why,for starters,are men NOT allowed to shorten their office clothes the way women have been allowed to do?miniksirts and tanktops or mesh tops,with sandals n sometimes slippers.For men,why is it we have to wear collar shirts and long pants with leather shoes?why not shirt with neat shorts and more freedom of whatever footwear we like?This proves the patriachy claim is a big fat LIE,if even a fundamental non company costing privilege is denied from us.u bloody fuckheaded ‘males’ who work for these feminazis better wake up ur fucking idea,because once theyre done using u,u’d be left with the rest of us male victims,totally stripped of ur rights,they wont give a damn because u arent women,unless u change ur gender to a woman(n become the mockery of society)

  8. protect men's rights December 9, 2013 12:24 pm

    u,by whatever u have posted in support of a law which marginalises men wrt women,is already an example of rights being denied of men.compounded with what i mentioned earlier,need i say more?and in case ur an IDIOT,theres more,but i wont bother to elaborate(same old same old that u doltheads insist on ignoring)

  9. unethika December 9, 2013 11:17 pm

    Men may sometimes lack the capacity to consent and women may take advantage of that situation. For example, men can be slipped drugs for the sake of sexual exploitation by women. While the *motivations* for doing so may differ, there is nothing inherently ruling out that possibility. It is likewise absurd to assert that a woman couldn’t rape a man when men have already been raped by women. She could also hold a gun to his head to force him to engage in sexually exploitative acts. *That* is rape too.

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